Web Design & Development

As well as making sure that your website looks great and reflects your brand identity accurately we do our best to ensure it’s available to as many people as possible.

Everything we do is based on Web Standards methodologies, which basically means using the latest web design techniques and technical practices to ensure usability, accessibility and findability. We believe in understanding who your potential audience will be and trying to understand their needs and goals. This in turn will ensure a successful final product that’s useful as well as usable.

Content Management Systems

One way to ensure your users return to your website regularly is having new and updated content. But who will update your site and how?

We provide various flexible options to allow you to update your site easily and whenever you require and best of all – web programming knowledge is NOT required! We’re familiar with all the popular content management systems out there today and we’ll always aim to match you up with the best one to suit your needs.


Whether you’re already trading online and need a revamp or have a product you would like to sell online then we can help you make the jump to online store owner.

We have extensive experience using a wide range of open source e-commerce systems such as Magento and Woocommerce and can design and build you an online store that has all the features and functionality you’ll need.

Responsive Design

With over 25% of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets, we can ensure your website is touch-friendly and adapts to any sized screen.

No matter how your client reaches you, we can make sure that they see the full picture. These days more people than ever are accessing the web via mobile and tablet devices. We have experience in creating stunning sites that are equally eye-catching, functional and useable on smaller screens.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to keep your customers updated with your latest news and services.

If you are keen to keep your clients up to date with your latest products, services and offers, we can help you choose the best online marketing strategy and help you send emails newsletter campaigns. We can even design and build a re-usable email newsletter template that you can populate with content and send whenever required.

Logo & Stationery Design

In this digital age your logo and branding need to be as robust as ever.

Whether you need a logo for your start-up or a redesign of your current tired logo to bring it inline with current trends, we can design a versatile logo that you can be proud of. Whether it’s a facebook page icon or twitter background image, we’ll ensure your logo and branding is where it needs to be seen.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good design and great quality content can organically lead to a solid search engine presence. 

There is no hard and fast way to guarantee top search engine rankings, this is a fact. There are, however, many valid techniques and best practices to ensure your website is more visible and easily read by search engine robots. Good design equals good optimisation – making a well coded site with compelling content will ensure good rankings.

Hosting & Domains

Leave it down to us. We use extremely high tech and reliable servers. As a token of our appreciation for choosing Pixel Air we’ll reward every new client with a year’s hosting for free.

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